How to aid employees with coping with stress, tensions and burnout?


We are in an uncertain, tense situation which continues to worsen. Pandemic, war in Ukraine, inflation, shadow of an economic crisis – it all exhausts our energetic resources and emotional welfare.

Post-covid symptoms have to be included among the dangers concerning the worsening of our emotional condition and increased risk of mental health related illnesses. For almost three years, we have been in a situation of uncertainty and tension, which can lead to decreased effectiveness, burnout and various diseases.

The managers are facing various challenges. They are related to leading teams and supporting employees in this demanding period – helping to reduce tensions, fears, anxieties and countering professional burnout.

In our E-book you will find answers to a questions:

What is happening to us?

What could happen if we don’t act?

How to act accordingly?

And much more!

Enjoy reading! 🙂

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